Denis Perrollaz

Denis Perrollaz, born february 05, 1965 in Diégo Suarez (Madagascar), is a french artist.   After spending most of his childhood in Africa and then in Germany, he went in Bordeaux in 1982. Determined to give meaning to his life, this autodidact, led to knowledge through practice, settled in Cannes in 1987. He start painting in 1989. His first works were already dominated by an interest in the material. It is in abstract painting that he expresses beauty, impression and feeling.   In 2000, he moved to St Barthélémy where he spent almost 1à years. He discovered a new light and immediately showed an unusual sensitivity to the body in relation to nature. In 2001, Denis worked for a few months in Bali, New York between 2003 and 2004, then in Amsterdam in 2009.   He moved to St Emilion in 2011, a place where his production in the middle of the vines will reveal his dialogue with nature. Turning then to the capture of reality, his paintings and particularly his circles, echo balance, freedom and the universe.   Now base dis Bordeaux since 2015, Denis Perrollaz is represented in Paris (galerie Anne Jacquemin Sablon), New York and London (showroom Holly Hunt) and in St Barthélémy (Space SBH gallery).